Why G & V

Compliance with HMRC Laws is the priority to us.
The good news is that our firm will manoeuver through complicated and often confusing world of
tax law in order to reduce your tax liability and ensure compliancy

1. Expertise. Our staff is a team of a carefully selected, academically qualified individuals, that are continuously improving and updating knowledge and expertise. Our company’s expertise is based on dealing with compliance checks and investigations issues by HMRC to individuals and corporate bodies. Over number of year we have dealt with over 200 investigations for sole traders and close to 50 for Limited companies. Most of them were not our clients to start with, instead were abandoned by their accountants when investigations were launched. We dear to say that taking part in the investigation is the most valuable experience tax advisor could get and the law is tested right in front of a tax collectors and possible tax saving options are identified and even discussed
2. Policy. We are strongly aware that case pf each client is individual one and can not be standardized. Due to this we work very closely at the initial stages with every single client in order to choose the right and tailor – made solution for their business – personal needs. We lead our clients through complicated HMRC laws and legislations until they are comfortable with entrusting their business to our expertise

3. Price efficiency. We deliver a range of professional, experienced accountancy services at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with them, while at the same time maintaining quality and efficiency.

4. Attitude

We look forward to deliver excellence customer service experience to every person comes in contact with us. We take our customers feedback seriously and work towards improvements.

  1. We aim to answer your emails within 24 hours.
  2. We reply to your faxes and letters within 48 hours.
  3. We offer personalized service; you only speak to one accountant about your business affairs whether you have one company or group of companies.
  4. We listen to you and understand your business needs and provide you with solutions.
  5. We offer Fixed Fee Accounts Services So you are in control of your business expenses.
  6. We ensure we deliver your business accounts, tax returns and other assignments on time and every time.
  7. We welcome feedback from you about our services and information we published on our website.