Consultant services

Decisions must be made on  a daily basis with regards to the best possible investments made into company and benefits to be drawn from the company, which eventually would make tax savings, that could be enjoyed by the company‘s ownership and managers. We will assist you in making the best possible decisions for your company at  the same time ensuring the compliance with HMRC laws.

1. What vehicle would be mots suited for your company needs (in terms of taxation) that would lead to reducing Benefit in kind taxation to the benefactor at the same time saving on CT taxes due by the company.

2. Lifelong question asked by the company Directors’: what should be my drawings from the company? We will assist on choosing the best package to meet your needs and make tax saving for the company.

3. Enjoy paying as little as 10% on sale of your Company’s shares, not depending on a sales proceed amount. Strict conditions apply though and we will assist you in meeting strict criteria so that  you would qualify.

4. Pension regulator. New scheme by the Government. There is no need to be stressed out as we will check whereas you qualify for it and if not we will report this to the Regulator in case you do, we will make sure you comply with all the set steps set by the Regulator so that the suggested fines for the failure to act accordingly will never be applied to you.